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Summer Plans for Black Radical Self-Care

Last week I told you all about my gold-digger journey. Today, I want to tell you a little about one area of that journey: RADICAL SELF-CARE.

Audre Lorde once famously wrote that "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." I'm totally in alignment with that sentiment.

Part of my goal this summer is to completely invest in my own radical self-care. To help me explain what that means, let's look at the word "radical." According to Oxford Dictionary, radical is an adjective that refers to the "fundamental nature" of something. And, when describing a medical treatment, radical is "intended to be completely curative." So, when I speak of my self-care plans as radical, I am saying at their core I intend for them to address the ills I face as a Black woman living in a white capitalist, patriarchal society.

In a world where Black people have the highest rates of heart disease, where 45% of Black women report incidents of some form of sexual violence, and earn 38% less than white men, how I approach my overall health, happiness, and well-being HAS to be radical if I want to not only survive, but thrive.

So here are some things I'll be doing this summer to practice more radical self-care:

  1. Scheduling my mammogram and colonoscopy (both of my parents are cancer survivors).

  2. Continue working with my therapist to support my mental and emotional health.

  3. Meditate, stretch, and pray daily.

  4. Incorporate more ritual into my life.

  5. Take at least one "just me" vacation (or staycation).

  6. Learn a new skill (I'm thinking about getting a pattern from here).

What do you have planned?

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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