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In this 6-Week Master Course, We'll Cover:

  • Sacred You ---Defining Yourself as Worth It

  • Achieving Clarity and Defining our Customized Objectives

  • Creating Rituals and Routines for Gratitude

  • Using Evidence-Based Practices to Improve Your Life

  • Making More Time for Your Sacred Living and Holistic Success

Folks enrolled in this 6-week master course will work through evidence based strategies to help them (1) gain clarity about why they are deserving of a more sacred life; (2) become more conscious and focused on implementing rituals and routines to help them foster a more gracious living (to ensure success); and (3) develop a better relationship with time management to make more time for self-care and personal development.  For an investment of $597, you will get worksheets, reflective prompts, guided meditations, group coaching sessions, and customized objectives.  Enrollment for the August cohort is open now.

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