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Meet Dr. Tip

Entrepreneur, scholar, author, certified life coach and motivational speaker

I decided to start my services and this blog because I needed to.  At the time, I was forty years old, single, kinda unemployed (I’m a hustler by nature so I always have a side business), and without children.  I have a great family, wonderful friends, and accomplishments that I am extremely proud of, but  the life I was living was nothing like the life I once dreamed about for myself.


Since then, I've obtained my dream job, become a certified life coach, and continue to be surrounded by friends and family that I love (and that love me!).  How did I do it?  I did it by becoming more intentional about obtaining the life I wanted by resetting the life I already had.  I'm not perfect (by far!) and I continue to consciously and purposeful employ the same strategies in my own life that I'll share with you.

In my blog posts I will share with you my life reset.  I’ll tell you about how I have, and will continue to,  turn the life I’m presently living into the one I’ve always dreamed about.  

In my coaching, I will work with you to become more clear about your goals, create strategies to achieve these goals, and work with you as an accountability partner as you reset your life.

History holds our keys to success.


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