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Is That Really Your Why?

How many times have people suggested to you that you have a "why" to keep you motivated towards the achievement of some goal or business objective? If you're like me, it's happened more times than you can count. But, can I tell you something we both probably know: coming up with a why isn't enough.

For years, my "why" for exercising has been so I can be "healthier." Then, when I realized that simply being healthier (no I did 't really clarify what I meant by healthy), wasn't enough, I changed to wanting to lose weight to be "cuter."

And did that work?


So, a few weeks ago I was watching TED Talks online (don't judge me) and I came across a video that linked exercise to memory and creativity. And, guess what? I've been working out regularly since then!

See, anyone that knows me probably knows that deep thinking and critical understanding or two extremely important things to me. In fact, I believe that deep thought and critical analysis are essential parts of my purpose on this earth (FRFR). I connected to the idea of working on to increase my abilities to do so. I had found the right why!

Your why may not be what you think others want it to be. Heck, it might not even be what YOU think it should be. But I can tell you this: you'll know your why when you find it.

Keep searching until you find the one that works for you.

Always true,


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Ayesha Hakim
Ayesha Hakim

I need to revisit my "why"

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