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Yesterday's Price Isn't Today's Price

3-D model mock-up of the titan submersible

If we should have learned anything from the Titan submersible fiasco, it's that while we may be battling imposter syndrome, other folks are unashamedly selling goods and services they aren't qualified to sell. Even more, they are offering their products at a premium! In the meantime, many of us have played small (because we are often conditioned to do so), and been afraid (and ashamed) to see our own value. No more.

But hey, I can show you better than I can tell you.

So, as of July 1, most of my rates (with the exclusion of group coaching) have increased. Here's a partial breakdown:

  • A la carte coaching. This means, you can receive coaching with absolutely no commitment. This service is best suited for people who may need assistance with a specific project or issue. Based on your needs, we can also use it to create a success plan over time at your convenience. ($125/hr)

  • One-On-One Coaching. Get personalized coaching to discuss your current reality, create a success plan, and begin working on those strategies to succeed. Consider this like an introduction to coaching. This package requires a six-week commitment, with bi-weekly live sessions with homework. ($325/ 6 weeks)

  • Group Coaching. If you've been wanting to build community, this is the package for you. Connect with a powerful group of women who are equally ambitious and dedicated to success. The group requires a minimum of five participants and if you register as a 5-person team, each person will receive an extra session free. The group will meet weekly for the duration of the package. ($425/ 6 weeks)

  • VIP Coaching. This package is for those ready to SHINE! This six-week commitment kicks off with a luxury hotel stay, SHINE photoshoot, intense planning, and a personalized success plan. You should only invest in this coaching if you're ready. ($4975/ 6 weeks)

You can still book a 30 minute clarity call for just $37.50!

A black woman with natural hair works at a desk. A laptop and journal are on the desk.

As you can see, most of the packages require a six-week commitment. This is intentional. In order for us to accomplish everything that you desire, I want to ensure that I have time to personally customize resource recommendations, frameworks, and more to meet your unique needs.

I've also decided to share with you more of the business side of things on this blog. I want to share with you what I've learned over the years. I've realized that my unique experiences in corporate America and in higher education have exposed me to strategies that can positively impact how we are perceived--especially as Black women--in the work place. I want to help you craft a professional identity that aligns with your cultural and community values to protect yourself from burnout and from being taken for granted.

It doesn't matter how many business books you read or business podcasts you listen to, if they don't include a consideration of our unique experiences as Black women they can't give you what I can.

Try me, and see for yourself.

Always true,

Dr. Tip


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