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How to Revisit Journals for Self-Care

Or, The Secret About Using Journaling as a Self-Care Practice

A green leather journal sits next to a green vase.

Today’s post is a bit of a flashback. If you’ve not heard me say this before, let me tell you now: You should journaling AND you should also be reading old journal entries to support your ongoing development and to recognize (and give thanks for) your growth. Today’s blog is an old journal post that seemed so timely that I wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think:

I’m taking a break from purging my closets while listening to India.Arie. It feels so great to smile from the inside. My life isn’t necessarily where I’d envisioned it would be at this point, but I cannot help but rejoice in my many blessings. I have an immediate and extended family that cannot be beat. I have a beautiful,baby nephew who reminds me of newness and life (that baby is now 12 and his younger brother six! Gosh how time flies). I am in school studying things that I believe passionately in. I have found a spiritual journey that aligns with my family lineage and with my own calling. I have friends that are more like siblings than anything else. My body is strong, my mind is sharp, and my heart is wide open.

Some accused me awhile ago of tending to get on soapboxes and of being holier than thou. Nothing can be further from the truth (well, the soapbox thing IS true). But, I write these notes because I truly believe in the old folks’ saying “a wise (wo)man learns from others’ mistakes, a fool from their own.” I don’t post to flaunt my pseudo-intellectualism or spirituality. I do it because I do not believe that knowledge does not lie in one head alone. It is my sincere desire to share my lessons so that someone else can avoid the heartbreak and disappointment I have.

Anwhoo, I’m going back to finish these closets and accessories (Jesus be another walk-in closet). I just wanted to let you know that more posts are coming. In fact, I’ll be writing one before bed on the joy I’ve found in mining through old photos, old emotions, old emails, and old journals.

Okay, enough procrastinating—heading.back to the Mount Everest of clothes sitting in the middle of my bed.

As you can see from this entry itself, I’ve been going through old journals for a while. Try it, and see how it goes.

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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