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What are you praying for?

It took me almost thirty years to figure out that I was praying the wrong way. When I made this quick switch, I started getting more of what I asked for.

"You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and do something, God is not going to put it in your lap." --Fannie Lou Hamer

My old prayers used to be geared more towards asking for "end-results." They would look more like

God, please heal my body.

God, please let me get this job.

God, please don't let me punch this idiot in the mouth (don't you dare judge me, lol).

The answers to these kinds of prayers wouldn't always come in the form I expected. In some cases, the answers were downright disappointing. But then, I came across Mama Fannie's quote and everything shifted.

Instead of praying for healing, I started praying that God teaches me to prefer healthy habits over my old unhealthy ones. I asked to love my body (and myself) more. I asked for the energy to exercise. In other words, the prayers shifted from just wanting the miracle, to asking God to make me part of the miracle.

I finally understood what appealed to me about Harriet Tubman's triumphs. Mama Harriet didn't just pray for freedom. As she said, she prayed with her feet. She asked for safety, but was willing to take the risks in order to manifest the freedom she sought.

When I shifted the language (and my thinking around) my prayers to include my work as a co-Creator of my reality, I started to (1) feel more empowered and (2) honor my own efforts. As a result (3), I find that the answers to my prayers are more easily seen and more easily acquired.

If you're not already doing this, I challenge you to try and it and then come back and let me know how it goes.

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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