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Stop Hiding Your Gifts

Despite what you might believe, you have gifts that no one else does.

Too many of us have allowed the world to convince us that there’s nothing special about us or what we do. But, they’re wrong. Each of us has a piece of divinity inside that makes us more than capable of contributing to the wholeness of humanity.

The Truth is: Everyone Has Talent

We all have more talent than we think we do.

What usually happens is that by comparing ourselves to others and their accomplishments, we begin to ignore our own special, unique gifts and abilities. When we spend too much time fixated on the appearance of other people’s success (particularly on social media), we become distracted by what they’ve got going on and forget that (1) they might be pretending and (2) we are capable of greatness too.

What Do You Like?

If you can’t identify your gifts, start looking at the things that bring you joy.

Inside your passion, you are likely to find the things you’re naturally good at, and the things that you enjoy enough to actually develop them.

If this still doesn’t work, I encourage you to reach out to your friends and family. What do they think your gifts are? (Warning: some folks may not answer truthfully because of jealously, so be selective about who you choose to ask.)

Still Don’t Believe Me?

Listen, the truth is that one blog post isn’t enough to undo what years of social conditioning and comparison may have done to your confidence. Nonetheless, we grow faith in ourselves and our abilities through deliberate effort.

If you feel like none of your talents are remarkable, there’s nothing to stop you from developing new ones. Enroll in a class, find someone to apprentice, learn a new skill.

The sky is the limit, but you—my dear—are limitless.

Always true,

Dr. Tip


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