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You're Not Stuck, You're Scared

Black woman has her head in her hands seemingly from stress.

Stop Hiding

You know that your life is meant for more than you're living now, but you haven't done anything with that knowing...yet.

Stop hiding your talents from us…and from you.

Too many of us have grown up believing they there’s nothing about ourselves that’s unique or special. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite our occasional feelings of inadequacy, we have much to contribute to the world.

(Not So) Hidden Messages

We live in a capitalistic world that benefits from us not seeing the very best of ourselves. If

A person of olive complexion puts on lipgloss.

we grow up to believe that we need to be prettier, or stronger, or smarter, someone can sell us make-up, classes, and gym memberships that may or may not work the ways that we hope them to. (This is not to say that make-up or other means of self-improvement are inherently wrong, but that they should not come from feelings of inadequacy.)

The reality is that the exploiters in our world benefit from convincing us of our “lack.” But, what is also true is that the good ones of this world benefit from you learning to embrace your worth.

There is tremendous good and worth in you.

Take the time to find it.

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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