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Year-End Wrap-Up

Hey, you hey,

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Me? Not as much as I usually am. There's something about a Pandemic, anti-Black racism, and regular year-end wrap-up work while trying to balance all of that with self-care and Black excellence that has me somewhat distracted from being in a Merry Christmas kind of mood.

But I tell you what....If I want a better 2021 than I had 2020, I can't allow the distractions of now to take me off my journey towards being a better, more productive, well-rested self. As such, I'm currently setting out my strategies and analyses to ensure that my progress towards my goals is efficient, effective, and satisfying.

Please consider this a gentle reminder that you should be doing the same. If you need any help getting those plans together, I'll be doing a live 7-day training on strategic planning for holistic success using cultural principles beginning December 26. If this is something you'd like to participate in, click here to learn more.

Even if you don't choose to join us, I hope that you are seriously mapping out all the successes that you deserve.

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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