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Journaling for Weekly Progress

An increasingly important part of my Self-Care Sundays has become my “week in review” and my “week in preview.” As a journal-er and a list-maker, I’ve found that nothing complements my Self-Care practice better than actively planning and reviewing my weeks. Below, I’ll describe both tasks and what they’ve helped me accomplish. If you have another process that works for you, I’d love to hear about it!

Week in Review

I journal nightly about not only the high points of my day, but also—and more importantly—how I feel about the day. On Sundays, I read all of my daily entries and then create a summary of my feelings and accomplishments. Thi

Journal, phone, pen, and an Apple Watch on a nightstand

This process really helps me begin to identify patterns of behaviors and consequences of choices. These patterns help me better learn my sources of motivation and triggers that make me complacent. When I know these things, I can be more strategic in my decision-making.

After I work through my “week in review”, I start working on my “week in preview.”

Week in Preview

Usually on Sunday evening, I work on a couple of lists. First, because I’m working on a weight-release journey, I do some casual meal planning. Then, I complete my “week in review.” After that, I tend to work on my daily agenda by transferring important dates and deadlines to my daily to-do schedules. After all of that, I sit down to draft my weekly goals in a process I call my “week in preview.”

Because goals are an important part of any personal development process, I make them weekly (it’s bit by bit that we eat the head of the rat—is one of my favorite proverbs). In this way, my progress becomes more easily monitored and my commitment is more readily solidified.


To keep me on task, I share my “week in preview” goals with a couple of accountability partners that can help me remain motivated. Having to answer to them really helps me focus!

All of this is becoming an increasingly critical component into my own growth and motivation. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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