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25 FREE Self-Care Strategies for Black Women

It's generally accepted that Black women are disproportionately affected by stressors related to racism and sexism. This is partly why Audre Lorde reminded us that self-care is a political act of warfare. If you know your girl, you know I'm always down to do what's necessary to protect my community (and that includes you!). So, here are 25 strategies to increase the amount of self-care you can experience.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare."(Audre Lorde)
  1. Spend time in the sun.

  2. Get in some water (ocean, river, beach, lake, bathtub, shower, etc.)

  3. Create and listen to a playlist that you NEED right now.

  4. Use essential oil to align with your desired mood.

  5. Hug a loved one, pet, and your damn self!

  6. Move your body (dance, exercise, make love, etc.)

  7. Sip some herbal tea, and just sit!

  8. Take a nap.

  9. Journal.

  10. Daydream.

  11. Write down 21 things for which you're thankful.

  12. Watch inspirational videos on YouTube.

  13. Learn a new skill.

  14. Schedule a mammogram.

  15. Eat a colorful, meatless meal.

  16. Create a budget for your household expenses.

  17. Dance with a friend.

  18. Explore a local park.

  19. Do some work in a community garden.

  20. Attend a local governmental meeting.

  21. Volunteer at a local community center.

  22. Drink a cup of warm, lemon water.

  23. Learn how to make (and then drink) golden milk.

  24. Doodle for 7 minutes.

  25. Create (and / or revisit) your 5-year plan.

I bet you read some of those items and wondered what they have to do with self-care. Remember, that we're all about holistic success over here. Some of the ways we care for ourselves must necessarily include how we care for others. Ya hear?

Anywhoo, enjoy!

Always true,


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