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Are you ready for Q2?

Hey ya’ll Hey!

We're already a few days into the second quarter of 2022, and some of us are looking at our goals for the year with the gas face (do folks still say that???). That's why I'm going to be instituting the seven-day pushing the reset email challenge to get us back on track. I wanted to share the invitation here so that others might join as well even if they miss my IG posts about it.

It’s not uncommon for us to enter a New Year all raring to go. We have big dreams and aspirations at the stroke of midnight and we march forth into the first with all sorts of motivation and drive.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take us long to fall back into our old habits and schedules. Slowly, almost seemingly without much noise at all, the same aspirations and motivations we had start to take a backseat to life as usual.

That’s what this reset seeks to avoid. By refocusing on our goals and the whys behind the goals, I’m certain that all of us can be motivated to return to that same energy we had when we first entered 2022 (in fact, I’m willing to bet that we can build upon that energy and take it to brand new heights!).

Even if you don’t choose to join us, I encourage you to think long and hard about where you want to be this time next year. After you decide that, strategize the plans it will take to get you there.

It’s more than just dreaming, we must do.

If you're ready, click here to start the email series today.

Always true,

Dr. Tip

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